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Art Deco?

I recently bought an apartment in the Canns building in the CBD, and was curious about its history I found that whilst most previous advertising had described the building as Art Deco it was in fact built in the Neo Baroque style when Melbourne was still the capital of the country (1919) with later floors added after 1934, giving it a more Art Deco feel


It got me to thinking about what the term Art Deco has come to mean to the consumer.


The Art Deco and Modernism Society says "The term Art Deco is used to describe stylistic changes that occurred to nearly every visual medium in the interwar years and for a number of years before and after." (2)

Art Deco, from the french arts décoratifs,  according to Wikipedia is characterized by use of materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, lacquer, Bakelite, Chrome and inlaid wood. The use of stepped forms and geometric curves, chevron patterns, ziggurat-shapes, fountains, and the sunburst motif are typical of Art Deco. (1)


But to most it has simply become synonymous with grandeur style and an old world feel. Melbourne is an amazing mix of Neo Gothic , Edwardian Baroque , Beaux Arts , or one of a dozen other styles, (3) not often given credit or recognized often in real estate marketing.

For further reading visit the excellent websites below and as always I encourage your feedback



(1) Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_Deco

(2) Art Deco and Modernism Society  http://www.artdeco.org.au/whatisartdeco.php

(3) Walking Melbourne http://www.walkingmelbourne.com/architectural_guide.html

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